Wingspan Strategy: Best 16 Tips to Master Wingspan

Wingspan Strategy

Welcome to the fascinating world of Wingspan, a strategic board game that has captivated players worldwide. BTW, Wingspan is among our Top 7 Best 3-Player Board Games with Intermediate Difficulty. Check the link if you want to know where it landed in our ranking. In this game, you step into the shoes of bird enthusiasts—researchers, … Read more

Othello Strategy – Top 10 Tips to Win at Othello/Reversi

Othello Strategy

At first, Othello might seem like a defiant game, maybe due to its similar looks to high-strategy games such as Chess or Go. But as you start playing, you’ll notice the rules are fairly simple and are easy to learn with just the first moves. However, once you finish your first games, you realize there’s … Read more

Azul Strategies – Top 8 Tips to Win in Azul Board Game

Azul Strategies - Top Tips To Win

So, you like to play Azul, the beautiful abstract board game designed by Michael Kiesling, but struggle to win more often than not. Maybe you see the board’s 5×5 grid as a bit overwhelming and don’t know where to start building your next masterpiece. Should I focus on a specific color to get the 5-of-a-kind … Read more

Blokus Strategy – 11 Tips to Win in Blokus Board Game

Blokus Strategy

You may already know Blokus, an abstract strategy board game where you compete against other players to score the most points after placing as many Tetris-shaped pieces on the board as possible. Winning at Blokus (pronounced “Block us”) is not as simple as placing random pieces on the board trying to block your opponents and … Read more